Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky (1DVD)

€ 19,99 (inclusief 21% btw)


  1. The Price Of All Great Achievements 
  2. Separate The Truth From The Blowhards
  3. Storm`s Comin`
  4. We Got An Ep Comin` Out
  5. They Don`t Come Down Here To Play Rockstars
  6. A Level Of Cool A Lot Of People Can`t Get To
  7. We Always Called Him Christopher
  8. Caleb Acting Stupid
  9. You Owe Me A Dollar
  10. I Wish I Had Some Drugs
  11. I`m Not Captain America
  12. Death For Drug Traffickers
  13. The Boys Are On The Price is Right
  14. No - And No Again!
  15. 9mm Super-Bullet
  16. I`m Still Trying To Figure It Out
  17. He Was Wantin` The Holy Ghost