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    Rory Gallagher - Notes From San Fransisco (3LP)


    LP 1 – STUDIO
    A1 Rue The Day
    A2 Persuasion
    A3 B Girl
    A4 Mississippi Sheiks
    A5 Wheels Within Wheels
    A6 Overnight Bag

    B1 Cruise On Out
    B2 Brute Force & Ignorance
    B3 Fuel To The Fire
    B4 Wheels Within Wheels
    B5 Cut A…

    € 29,99
  • Rowwen Heze - Zilver  (1LP+1CD)
    Rowwen Heze - Zilver (1LP+1CD)

    Het langverwachte jubileumalbum `Zilver`. Oud en nieuw gebroederlijk verzameld in een fraai vormgegeven vinyl-look en rijk geïllustreerde LP hoes met prachtige fotos, teksten en verhaaltjes.

    Hierin zijn de nieuwe nummers op…

    € 24,99
  • Roy Orbison - The Monument Singles Collection  (2LP)
    Roy Orbison - The Monument Singles Collection (2LP)


    A1 Uptown
    A2 Only The Lonely
    A3 Blue Angel
    A4 I`m Hurtin`
    A5 Running Scared
    A6 Lana
    A7 Crying
    A8 Let The Good Times Roll
    A9 Blue Bayou
    A10 Dream Baby

    B1 The Crowd
    B2 Working For The Man
    B3 In Dreams
    B4 Falling

    € 24,99
  • Royal Blood - Royal Blood (1LP)
    Royal Blood - Royal Blood (1LP)

    01. Out Of The Black
    02. Come On Over
    03. Figure It Out
    04. You Can Be So Cruel
    05. Blood Hands
    06. Little Monster
    07. Loose Change
    08. Careless
    09. Ten Tonne Skeleton
    10. Better Strangers

    € 23,99
  • Rufus Wainwright - Out of the Game (2LP)
    Rufus Wainwright - Out of the Game (2LP)

    1. Out of the Game
    2. Jericho
    3. Rashida
    4. Barbara
    5. Welcome to the Ball
    6. Montauk
    7. Bitter Tears
    8. Respectable Dive
    9. Perfect Man
    10. Sometimes You Need
    11. Song of You
    12. Candles

    € 29,99
  • Rumer - Boys Don`t Cry (1LP)
    Rumer - Boys Don`t Cry (1LP)


    01 P.F. Sloan [Jimmy Webb cover]
    02 Be Nice To Me [Todd Rundgren cover]
    03 It Could Be The First Day [Richie Havens cover]
    04 Travelin’ Boy [Paul Williams cover]
    05 A Man Needs A Maid [Neil Young cover]
    06 Soulsville…

    € 24,99
  • Sam Cooke - Live At The Harlem Square Club  (1LP)
    Sam Cooke - Live At The Harlem Square Club (1LP)


    A1 Soul Twist/Introduction (1:23)
    A2 Feel It (Don`t Fight It) (2:54)
    A3 Chn Gang (3:11)
    A4 Cupid (2:44)
    A5 It`s All Right/For Sentimental Reasons (5:11)
    A6 Twistin` The Night Away (5:18)

    B1 Somebody Have Mercy…

    € 19,99
  • Sam Cooke - Nightbeat  (1LP)
    Sam Cooke - Nightbeat (1LP)

    A1 Nobody Knows The Trouble I`ve Seen (3:25)
    A2 Lost And Lookin` (2:11)
    A3 Mean Old World (3:46)
    A4 Please Don`t Drive Me Away (2:13)
    A5 I Lost Everything (3:23)
    A6 Get Yourself Another Fool (4:06)
    B1 Little Red…

    € 19,99
  • Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour (1LP)
    Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour (1LP)

    01. Money on My Mind
    02. Good Thing
    03. Stay with Me
    04. Leave Your Lover
    05. I'm Not the Only One
    06. I've Told You Now
    07. Like I Can
    08. Life Support
    09. Not in That Way
    10. Lay Me Down

    € 24,99
  • Sandy Denny - 19 Rupert Street  (1LP)
    Sandy Denny - 19 Rupert Street (1LP)


    A1 The leaves of life
    A2 Willie Moore
    A3 Balulalow
    A4 The sans day carol
    A5 Trouble in mind
    A6 Jimmie Brown the newsboy
    A7 The midnight special

    B1 Milk and honey
    B2 Who knows where the time goes
    B3 Fairytale…

    € 19,99
  • Santana - Santana  (1LP)
    Santana - Santana (1LP)


    A1 Waiting (4:02)
    A2 Evil Ways (3:56)
    A3 Shades Of Time (3:14)
    A4 Savor (2:46)
    A5 Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (4:14)
    B1 Persuasion (2:33)
    B2 Treat (4:41)
    B3 You Just Don`t Care (4:35)
    B4 Soul Sacrifice (6:37)

    € 18,99
  • Santana - Santana III  (2LP)
    Santana - Santana III (2LP)

    A1 Batuka (3:35)
    A2 No One To Depend On (5:31)
    A3 Taboo (5:34)
    A4 Toussaint L`Overture (5:56)
    B1 Everybody`s Everything (3:31)
    B2 Guajira (5:43)
    B3 Jungle Strut (5:20)
    B4 Everything`s Coming Our Way (3:15)
    B5 Para…

    € 24,99
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