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  • Johnny Winter - Pieces & Bits  (1DVD)
    Johnny Winter - Pieces & Bits (1DVD)


    1. It`s My Life Baby
    2. Rock & Roll Hoochie Coochie
    3. Stranger
    4. Sweet Papa John
    5. Life Is Hard
    6. Mannish Boy
    7. Tell The Truth
    8. Love, Life & Money
    9. Mad Dog
    10. When You Got A Good Friend
    11. Don`t Take…

    € 19,99
  • Joss Stone - Live Mind, Body & Soul  (1DVD)
    Joss Stone - Live Mind, Body & Soul (1DVD)


    Super duper love (Are you diggin` on me) - Joss Stone
    Jet lag - Joss Stone
    Don`t know how - Joss Stone
    The chokin` kind - Joss Stone
    You had me - Joss Stone
    Spoiled - Joss Stone
    Don`t cha wanna ride? - Joss Stone

    € 19,99
  • Julio Iglesias - Live In Jerusalem  (1DVD)
    Julio Iglesias - Live In Jerusalem (1DVD)


    1. Introduction
    2. Con Una Pinta Asi
    3. El Amor
    4. Se Mi Lasci Non Vale
    5. Treinta Y Tres Anos
    6. De Nina A Mujer
    7. Moliendo Cafe
    8. La Ragazza Di Ypacarai
    9. Quiereme Mucho
    10. Pobre Diablo
    11. Hey
    12. Guajira…

    € 11,99
  • Justin Timberlake - Live in London  (1DVD+1CD)
    Justin Timberlake - Live in London (1DVD+1CD)



    Rock your body
    right for me
    nothin else
    tap dance
    cry me a river
    like I love you
    I`m lovin it (video)


    I`m lovin it
    Worthy of
    Rock your body (paul oakenfold mix)
    Senorita (eddie…

    € 14,99
  • K-Otic - Indestructible  (1DVD+1CD)
    K-Otic - Indestructible (1DVD+1CD)

    1. Falling
    2. I Surrender
    3. I Don`t Understand You
    4. Burning
    5. Allright
    6. Don`t Make Me Wait
    7. If I Could
    8. Amazed
    9. Never Gonna Get My Love
    10. I Still Miss You
    11. Scream And Bleed
    12. Weighless

    € 9,99
  • K.D. Lang - Harvest of 7 Years  (1DVD)
    K.D. Lang - Harvest of 7 Years (1DVD)

    1. Friday Dance Promenade (Video Version)
    2. Bopalena (Video Version
    3. Polly Ann (Video Version)
    4. Ine & Stew (Video Version)
    5. Hanky Panky (Video Version)
    6. Johnny Get Angry (Video Version)
    7. Acceptance Speech For…

    € 12,99
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Live At Elland Road  (1DVD)
    Kaiser Chiefs - Live At Elland Road (1DVD)


    1. Everything Is Average Nowadays
    2. Everyday I Love You Less And Less
    3. Heat Dies Down
    4. Born To Be A Dancer
    5. Can`t Say What I Mean
    6. Ruby
    7. Saturday Night
    8. Modern Way
    9. Never Miss A Beat
    10. Retirement
    11. Na…

    € 21,99
  • Keane - Strangers  (2DVD)
    Keane - Strangers (2DVD)


    Deze DVD bevat een documentaire van 1 uur, die is verdeeld over 2 discs en 3 uur extra footage. Op verschillende momenten in de documentaire worden er icoontjes op het scherm getoond die aangeven dat er extra content…

    € 14,99
  • Keane - Strangers (2DVD)
    Keane - Strangers (2DVD)


    DVD 1

    Somewhere Only We Know
    Can`t Stop Now
    She Has No Time
    Your Eyes Open
    This Is The Last Time

    DVD 2

    Snowed Under
    We Might As Well Be Strangers
    Bend And Break
    On A Day Like…

    € 14,99
  • Kings Of Leon - Live At The O2  (1DVD)
    Kings Of Leon - Live At The O2 (1DVD)

    Een werkelijk fantastische registratie van een van hun london o2 optredens van 2009. Dit is de eerste live-registratie van de band die op dvd uitkomt. Zo spectaculair gefilmd dat het lijkt alsof je er zelf bij…

    € 18,99
  • Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky (1DVD)
    Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky (1DVD)


    The Price Of All Great Achievements
    Separate The Truth From The Blowhards
    Storm`s Comin`
    We Got An Ep Comin` Out
    They Don`t Come Down Here To Play Rockstars
    A Level Of Cool A Lot Of People Can`t Get To
    We Always…

    € 19,99
  • Kool & The Gang - Live  (1DVD)
    Kool & The Gang - Live (1DVD)


    -Hollywood Swinging
    -Jungle Boogie
    -Kool & The Gang
    -Breeze & Soul
    -Chocolate Buttermilk
    -Sea Of Tranquility
    -Let The Music Take Your Mind
    -Wild & Peaceful
    -Open Sesame
    -Summer Madness
    -Ladies Night
    -Get Down…

    € 9,99
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